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San Miguel de Allende Real Estate

The Green Team Real Estate lives in the country. We are skilled in alternative energy, rainwater catchment, sustainable building materials and methods. With a basic understanding of permaculture design and regenerative agriculture. We understand every situation and perform the necessary analysis and activities to obtain an extraordinary result. Our team has an excellent handling of the technological tools to take every transaction from its promotion to its closing in the most effective way.

Our languages skills allow us to have direct contact and dealings with foreign and domestic clients, which expands the areas of opportunity in each of our cases to obtain prospective buyers. The wide experience of our real estate team provides advice to our clients in each step of the transaction process, which gives certainty and security to each of our clients.

Gabriela Navarro

Gabriela is a trustworthy, honest and committed Mexican citizen. She is originally from Mexico City, has a degree in actuary from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Her experience is mainly in administration and international trade, which gave her the opportunity to work with people from countries in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

She moved to San Miguel de Allende 8 years ago. She became interested in real estate when he acquired a lot in a community and required land subdivision and permitting procedures, additionally it made it easier for her to find buyers for neighboring lots, greatly enjoying the process.

Gabriela joined Keller Williams Allende Realty in 2017 and has been training to develop her real estate skills ever since. She is 100% bilingual in Spanish and English and has traveled to Europe, Canada and the United States as a tourist and on business.

In addition to real estate and management, Gabriela has experience in environmentally sustainable construction methods.

Her interests are family, gardening, architecture, community, education, regenerative agriculture and any effort to conserve the environment.

Enrique Orvañanos

Enrique is originally from Mexico City, Systems Engineer (UNAM), with a master’s degree in Business Management (IPADE). He has completed a series of national and international specializations in Informatics and Leadership


During that decade, he had the opportunity to partner with an architect, with whom he built and sold some houses in CDMX and Cocoyoc.

Enrique has lived for several years in the United States, Canada and France. Currently he lives in San Miguel de Allende.

In 2009 he built a house with tepetate (type of land of the locality), which includes systems for collecting rainwater, filtering gray water, taking advantage of black water and practical applications of solar energy; starting a community of ecological promotion.

In 2016, he joined new organizations, KW Allende and the Green Team Real Estate, focusing on the sales of real estate, where he has had excellent results.

San Miguel de Allende Real Estate

San Miguel de Allende real estate Green Team te ofrece el mejor de los servicios en bienes raices. ¡Contáctanos y coce la próxima casa de tus sueños!