Viñedos La Santa Vid

houses & Lots For Sale

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Lots for sale

Viñedo La Santa Vid located 9.5 km. from San Miguel de Allende, at the foot of the main road Querétaro-SMA, just 5 min. in vehicle. The development plan is based on the feasibilities granted and 100% authorized by the authorities, guaranteeing the comprehensive development plan.

Your home in a positive energy environment Delight yourself with the fruits of a land awarded for its properties. Our grapes will be nourished by the pure universal energy, quartz, which is known for its ability to transform, absorb, balance and project energy.

11 Condominiums with 8 varietals, olive trees and lavender. Imagine waking up in the middle  of vineyards in SanMiguel de Allende:

•Cabernet Sauvignon
•Cabernet Frank
•Pinot noir
•White Tempranillo

Master Plan

  • -450 Single Family Lots.
  • -350 Lots of 1,000 m2.
  • -90 Lots of 500 m2.
  • -109,636 m2 of Vineyards.
  • -40,000 m2 of common areas for the lots.

Houses For Sale

Renacer House

Crianza House

Vergel House

Viña House

Viña House